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On The Right Track Inc. is a toy distributor to independent Canadian toy retailers.  On The Right Track is located near Kitchener, Ontario with warehouse facilities in Stratford, ON, and primarily uses CanPar to ship product across Canada.  Presently On The Right Track distributes toys in Canada for:


USA Pool & Toy
2015 Catalog
(6.8 Mb)
Catalog (3.8 Mb)

Prime Time Toys
2015 Catalog (7.0 Mb pdf)
2014 Catalog (4.9 Mb pdf)

Geospace International
Catalog pages 18-19

Geospace International
2015 Catalog (22 Mb pdf)
2014 Catalog (9.3 Mb pdf)
Web Link

Be Amazing! Toys
Be Amazing Toys
2015 Catalog (5.9 Mb pdf)
2014 Catalog (9.1 Mb pdf)

Toyops Toys
Toyops Toys
Catalog (1.2 Mb pdf)
Space Age Tank (450 kb pdf)

2015 Catalog (3.1 Mb pdf)

Dr. Cool
2015 Catalog (7.6 Mb pdf)
2013 Catalog (2.6 Mb)


Jupiter Creations

Doodle Chair / Spinforce
Mugz the Ice Cream Maker

Chocolate Fondue Maker

Nuchi Toys
Catalog (12.8 Mb)

MORE . . .
Hugg-A-Planet (2 Mb)
Spongebug and Squinkies (.6 Mb)

Leading Edge
2015 Online Catalog

Little Adventures
2015 Catalog  (48 Mb pdf)
2013 Catalog (8 Mb pdf)

EZY Roller
Catalog ( 3 Mb pdf )


2015 Catalog (1.1 Mb pdf)

Buffalo Games
2015 Catalog (19 Mb pdf)
2014 Catalog (14 Mb pdf)

Sky Blue
2015 Catalog ( 3.3 Mb pdf )

Catalog Web Link

Adventure Parks
2015 Catalog (6 Mb pdf)

Please contact us with any questions regarding the toys from these fine manufacturers,
and check out demonstrations of some of our products on YouTube!

Check out our featured toys: Mugz, Sno-baller & Block Molder, Lab-In-A-Bag, and Triops.



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